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of black women desire a mentor compared to 22% of white British women and 39% of BAME women overall.



Of women in the UK from all races are more likely than men to see finance as a barrier to entrepreneurship

Our mission is to engage, inspire and support disadvantaged young women, enabling them to ‘thrive in their truth’. We have a specific focus on women, aged 16 to 30, who are marginalised and represent vulnerable, at risk groups.

Our energy is focused on supporting emotional resilience, building self confidence, improving self-esteem and motivation, enabling young women to determine their own direction and reach independence. We provide the tools, resources and follow up care to give women the ability to positively adapt to change, fostering a supportive social network, reducing isolation.

Our core programme is delivered over a series of group workshops, facilitated by practitioner experts, focused on topics such as personal accountability, emotional resilience, relationships, goal setting. Graduation leads to the opportunity for a mentor relationship, taking forward the learning and providing further direction into building a brighter future. In addition we hold online events, connecting young women with corporate partners, facilitating conversations, offering insights into career paths and alternative routes to education and employment.

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57% of BAME women were treated differently because of their clothing, hairstyles or general appearance at work,
University or School in the last five years – Guardian in 2018

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As an organisation, we work with marginalised, underrepresented and at risk young women including those who have experienced homeslessness

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