Who Is U.G.L.Y Tribe?


U.G.L.Y stands for “understanding girls like you”. Historically this word has been used to describe attributes or characteristics in opposition to common perceptions of beauty. Here at U.G.L.Y HQ we have chosen to take ownership of this word by giving it a new meaning. We feel it’s important for women to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the strength and power they possess within! Through bespoke programmes, coaching and events we support women to develop the tools needed to have a greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of self and individual differences and to thrive in their truth.

Our Core Values

 Our values are shaped around our primary goal of inspiring women to thrive in their truth, they inform and define everything we do and sit at the heart of our business.

Work as oneInspire and supportRespect and celebrate our differencesHave fun through innovation and creativity