If we’re bringing recognition to women that have not only led the path for young female entrepreneurs of today, but have also given us the guidance to really understand what an independent woman is.

For years, it was traditionally played out for the woman to be taking care of home, while the men usually would be the main breadwinners. But for a long time that cycle had been broken.

Over the years women found ways to make a difference in their field and really being our voice. Let’s go back to 1968, introducing Barbara Blake Hannah. Hannah paved the way for the likes of Trevor McDonald and Moira Stuart as the first black female journalist on UK TV.

On the other hand, we have Maya Angelou. A Poet, dancer, singer, activist, and scholar. Maya was the voice for women for over several decades and these were the inspirational role models we needed for strength, knowledge and power. Moreover, how about the great Madam C.J Walker? Motivation in having the honour to name the first Black female entrepreneurs. First self made millionaire from creating the first hair straightening-formula, setting pace for what is now such a success in the beauty industry.

Successful women have come before us and will continue to come after us, but it is women empowerment that keeps the bond strong. As we take time to reflect on the month of March, acknowledging our Shero’s from the past, and welcoming the present. What does it mean for you to be a woman?

Being a woman is to be bold, courageous, fearless, capable and pure. It is important to understand how valuable and talented you are and the women before us gave us the voice to speak out and be anything we want to be.

From the 22,257 businesses surveyed, approximately 7205 were launched by female entrepreneurs. This sets the number of UK businesses currently owned by women at 32.37%, highlighting a remarkable shift from four years ago, when just 17% of founders were female. We are seeing more leaders from what used to be frowned upon by society. Who is to say what the stats would be in another 4 years perhaps?

We celebrate ALL women, reminding us that we are just as capable of doing great amazing things. We are seeing more female presenters, radio / Podcast hosts, actresses, artists, fashion designers and that is just to name a few. We celebrate any struggle that you may have had to endure on your journey. We celebrate how brave you are despite that for so many years the odds were to be taught to be against you, but you still persevered.

UGLY TRIBE started this organisation based off of the fact that they are thriving to help and understand girls like you. “Our mission is to engage, inspire and support disadvantaged young women, enabling them to ‘thrive in their truth’. We have a specific focus on women, aged 16 to 30, who are marginalised and represent vulnerable, at risk groups”. An organisation to help mould you into becoming not only the best version of yourself but the women empowerment movement encourages love and unity.

Keep motivated and working towards all your goals and admirations. Push through the barrier’s and carry the torch for all the female bosses around the world. Happy Women’s International Day.