As the new year started we had hopes, dreams and plans for 2021. It was almost a fresh start for many of us, after the challenges 2020 brought . It was almost a glimpse of hope and possibility. A do over if you like. Until Boris Johnson announced the UK would be going into another lockdown. ‘That’s it guys, parties over’. He rained all over our parade. So we all have goals, things we wanted to do this year and most importantly concrete plans, and now we have to put some on pause until ‘outside opens up’ (a phrase that was created during the lockdown of 2020). So the real question is with all of that doom and gloom how do we stay motivated? How do we adopt a positive mindset when we can only leave the house for essential travel? Restaurants, pubs, cinemas and all the fun places we usually go to are closed. SO what can we do?

This post won’t be one of those blogs you read that give you great tips on maintaining a positive ….. yet in reality doesn’t work. Let’s be real.  Some days you may have bad days, other days you may not feel motivated and overjoyed about life, especially working from home; that alone is a challenge. But that’s okay, nobody is motivated and has positive thinking all day every day. We all have our moments. But here’s the advice…wait for it…its juicy…’YOU’RE HUMAN!’

Be patient and kind to yourself during this season. This year one thing that worked for me was keeping a gratitude diary. I woke up and things were not going well. Instead of focusing on the things I couldn’t change I decided to focus on the things I was grateful for. As the talented artist Koffee sings ‘Gratitude is a MUST’. Take a moment to write down all the things you have, that you are grateful for. Whether it’s a roof over your head, great friends or family perhaps its something as simple as a job. It will look different for each individual.

Up next is to MOVE. Yes I said it, move your body! Whether you go out for some fresh air and just walk, or go for a jog. When you exercise your body produces endorphins which helps to make you happy. Get some fresh air into your lungs hunny and allow your mind to wonder. Think about all your goals and dreams, this will give you something to be hopeful for. Remember life is a journey worth enjoying.

Lastly, spend some time with your friends or family. Set up a zoom call with your girl friends,  get the wine out just as you would if they were allowed to come over to your house. Have a laugh and reminisce on the good memories shared. Surround yourself with good company whether that be over the phone or in person.

Remember the thoughts you have are the thoughts you created! To have a positive mindset you must feed your mind with positivity. Watch a motivational video, plan something that you can look forward to, start a hobby from home, learn a new skill and lastly create positive memories that you can look back and be so happy when you reminisce. Most importantly the greatest gift you have is life. If you are reading this I want you to know you matter, you are important and you are loved.

Stay blessed and stay UGLY(Understanding You)

Written By Chloe Wallace (@Connectwithchloe)