Letricia Black

Founding CEO

Letricia Black is an award-winning coach and self-development expert, having founded Understanding Girls Like You in 2018 with the belief that all women should have access to self-development opportunities irrespective of their background and life experiences. A bold communicator and innovative leader, Letricia has spearheaded community initiatives which identify and respond to the critical needs of women and marginalised groups. ...Her strong identification with these communities has led to programmes that successfully address the barriers to success and serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Gaining psychology and counselling, youth and community work graduate and post-graduate qualifications, Letricia spent 11 years working with Centrepoint, the UK's leading youth homeless charity. As an experienced manager and practitioner she built her professional interest in the holistic support and vocational needs of marginalised groups. She then joined Croydon Council, supporting the largest population of young people in London, with a leadership focus on volunteering and mentoring services. Letricia uses her knowledge and experience of under-represented groups to educate employers about the barriers faced by women within the workplace. This includes supporting employers to develop strategies that enable positive change and identifying employment and training opportunities for under-represented groups of women.

Letricia’s achievements include a Black Awards’ nomination for Overcoming Adversity. She facilitated a workshop for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that discussed the barriers to success for homeless young people and has represented Centrepoint in raising funds and awareness of homelessness within the UK. Letricia is determined and enthusiastic in her support of women to unlock courage and self-worth in place of self-doubt and rejection, Understanding Girls Like You is the platform for success.

Yanique Pennicooke

Partner CDO

Yanique Pennicooke has built a career as a dynamic radio personality, television presenter and events host, championing opportunities for disadvantaged women. Yanique has first hand experience of homelessness when at the age of 16 she went to live in a hostel for homeless young people. Her personal transformation, achieving a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and then building a media career over the last 5 years has been extraordinary. ...She represents a role model to young women.

Yanique’s media achievements include international bookings in Jamaica, Ibiza and Amsterdam, as well as working with BBC3, Channel 4, Bacardi, Waitrose, Boxpark, amongst others. She has recently worked on a Channel 4’ six part series debate show, 4 Real. Yanique now produces her own live curated Talk Show - ‘Talks With Monikah Lee’, a concept that has evolved into a bi-weekly podcast and is in its third successful year. She is currently working on a creative project with John Lewis and is a member of the Wray Round Table.

Yanique’s achievements include being an award winner of the Ochi "Woman of the year award” and as a Blac Award nominee for the best online media. In addition to her media career Yanique co-leads a Jamaican food business, works in the retail sector and models in haircare. Achieving all of this alongside her role with Understanding Girls Like You makes for an active portfolio, always reaching out to disadvantaged young women.


Symon Elliott

Senior Advisor

Symon Elliott is currently Chair of Centrepoint, the UK's leading youth homeless charity, and brings a deep interest and concern in supporting disadvantaged young people. He also sits on the board of The Photographers' Gallery, is Chair of JD Haspel and is an advisory board member at Mitheridge Capital. He is CEO/Founder of Leaders Futures, an organisation mentoring senior executives in both public and private sectors.

Ade Onibada


Ade Onibada Ade Onibada is a London-born news reporter, and content producer with a portfolio that spans radio, digital and print. Over the course of her career in the media industry, Onibada has been committed to creating content that is accessible, appeals to diverse audiences and sets the table for meaningful conversations while amplifying minority voices. A University of Bristol graduate, her academic background in political science has contributed to an interest in understanding socio-political structures, disadvantaged communities and the work of social justice.

Onibada is currently a full-time reporter at BuzzFeed News and a proud trustee for the U.G.L.Y Tribe with the hopes of positively impacting the lives of young people.

Chidie Onuegbu

Chair of Trustees

Chidie is an independent (former BIG 4) management consultant and DIY hobbyist. By day, he works on projects aimed to improve how Finance departments function; and by night, (along with family duties) he devises plans for the next DIY project.

Shani Page-Muir


Shani Page-Muir is a project manager and a writer. She has a Masters Degree from Oxford University and a first class degree in International Development. She is passionate about building community, travel and helping others to realise their full potential.